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TTS Careers

Now is the time to consider a career at TTS Logistics. We are a fast-growing, fast-paced, third party logistics services company. At TTS Logistics, we understand that our competitors offer similar services, our one true competitive advantage is our customer service. Everyday our employees make a difference for our customers and there business through hard work and determination.

Training Programs and Seminars

TTS Logistics believes we should invest time and resources in our employees by providing training and development programs to help employees improve their performance and their ability to meet the needs of our customers.  We make sure that our employees are trained to handle any and all situations that may arise to make our customer service the best in the industry.

Career opportunities at TTS Logistics

TTS Logistics is currently hiring Account Executives to join our fast paced competitive Logistics Brokerage. Account Executives are the backbone of our company. They drive our growth by building a portfolio of customers and serving as trusted advisors for their supply chain management solutions.

At TTS Logistics our Account Executives focus is building a lasting book of business and providing our customers with superior service and reliable results. We have a dedicated operations staff that is focused on supporting the Account Executive by managing our carrier base and managing the supply chain shipments seamlessly from pickup to delivery.

As an Account Executive, you will be provided with the tools and resources needed to grow your business successfully.  Our management and training staff are here to support you and provide you the infrastructure you need to support your business.  Come join a winning team at TTS Logistics!

Our most successful Sales Representatives possess the following traits:

  • Strong work ethic and sense of urgency
  • Discipline & commitment
  • High degree of passion and energy for sales
  • Excellent negotiation skills

If you can envision your success in this role, please apply by email.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • College degree preferred (not required)
  • Logistics/Transportation or sales experience preferred
  • Ability to multitask and resolve issues
  • Ability to work independently with great communication & customer service skills
  • Problem solving/investigation skills
  • Computer experience with Microsoft Office Products


Position Available

Logistician assigned as Perishable Logistics Coordinator to coordinate import, export and shipment of perishable produce throughout USA for third party logistics company involving acquisition, inspection, quality control, tracking and delivery of goods in most efficient and cost-effective manner involving evaluation of quality of produce; facilitating and review of USDA inspections; prevention of insects and foreign organisms; coordinating and troubleshooting import and export (ocean/air) shipments;  ensuring compliance with customs requirements;  ensuring compliance with USDA food safety regulations and grading standards; ensuring (truck) carriers’ compliance with federal, state and local transportation and safety regulations; maintain knowledge of  trade regulations, taxes, tariffs, licenses and other requirements for USA and country of export; collect and analyze produce market data to forecast availability, quality and cost.  Requires Bachelor’s level degree in Agriculture, Agribusiness Management, Logistics Management or closely related field plus 1 year experience as produce purchasing agent evaluating perishable produce for sale and shipment.  Education, experience or other background must include proficiency in quality evaluation of perishable produce; familiarity with USDA regulations and standards pertaining to fresh produce; proficiency in analysis and forecasting of produce market; familiarity with federal, state and local transportation regulations; and ability to conduct foreign organism prevention. Resume to Brandon Bandlow, TTS Logistics, 275 Union Blvd, #1401, St. Louis, MO  63108.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with TTS Logistics, send us a email with your resume and any references that may apply. careers@ttslogistics.net

TTS Logistics is An Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.