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About Us

TTS Logistics is a non asset based brokerage providing customers with superior service and reliable results.  We specialize in the movement  of full truckload shipments (FTL) providing our customers with flexibility and agility, while exceeding their expectations for quality and control of their shipments.


TTS is performance certified by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the professional trade organization of brokers, 3PLS and freight forwarders.  Accountability for our service and actions is a cornerstone of our business.

Integrity- The foundation of our company.  We are committed to the highest ethical standards and we commit to never compromising them.

Conflict Resolution- Conflicts and problems are never easy.  TTS believes that honesty is the best policy.  TTS will always choose the harder right over the easier wrong and works with customers and carriers alike for a speedy equally beneficial resolution.

TTS works together as a team to provide the best overall service to our clients.  We utilize the strengths and talents of our family of agents  to ensure we are exceeding our customer’s expectations on every shipment.